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General Orders 2007

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Date of Order Order # Order Title Status
November 15, 2007 07-GO-03 ORDER closing of court  
November 5, 2007 07-GO-02 ORDER adopting the increase in transcript rates for fiscal year 2008, as approved by the Judicial Conference  
October 10, 2007 07-GO-01 ORDER Adopting the Local Rules for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma, effective October 15, 2007, replacing and superseding all local rules and standing orders previously adopted with the exception of Miscellaneous Orders number 159 and 168. Effective 12/1/08: Orders 159 and 168 repealed by Order 08-GO-02
October 9, 2007 OKND 07-GO-12 COPY of General Order #07-12 of the U.S. District Court, NDOK, approving the Local Rules of the U. S. Bankruptcy Court, NDOK, effective October 15, 2007. So ordered October 9, 2007 by U. S. District Court, NDOK. (Re: #07-01).  
February 12, 2007 173 ORDER regarding Electronic Transcript Redaction Policy. Superseded by Order No. 07-01