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Judge Rasure's Policy Concerning Certificates of Mailing to All Creditors

When notice is required to be given to all creditors and parties in interest (for example, under Bankruptcy Rules 2002 or 6007), notice should be given to all persons and entities listed on the most comprehensive Official Mailing List in the case found in CM/ECF as of the date of the mailing.

The Official Mailing List is available in CM/ECF as follows:

  • Query > Mailing Labels
  • Reports > Official Mailing List
  • Utilities > Mailings > Mailing Labels by Case

A copy of the Official Mailing List should be attached to the certificate of mailing indicating which persons and entities were given notice by mail.

Attorneys and other CM/ECF Users who are given notice electronically (i.e., those listed as receiving transmission on the Notice of Electronic Filing) need not be given notice by mail (see Bankruptcy Rule 9036 and Local Rule 9036- 1). If notice to such users is not also given by mail, counsel should strike through those names and addresses on the Official Mailing List that is attached to the certificate of mailing.

Counsel should not type the list of creditors receiving notice on a certificate of mailing, as that requires the Court to compare the typed list with the Official Mailing List to insure proper notice was given.

7882 (05/11)