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Clearing Cache

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If you are experiencing problems when using CM/ECF the cache on your computer may be full.  Cache is a location on your hard drive where data is stored. When you search the Internet, your computer keeps track of every page you have visited and saves this information on your hard drive. If this file becomes large (i.e., many pages have been searched), the result may be a loss of data. (

Internet Explorer

  1. Open your Internet Browser, click on Tools / Internet Options.
  2. From the General tab under Browsing history click on Delete.
  3. The Delete Browsing History box appears.  Check the Temporary Internet files box.
  4. Click Delete, once internet explorer has finished deleting the selected browsing history you will be returned to the Internet Options box.
  5. Click the OK button, then close Internet Explorer.
  6. The Cache has now been cleared.
  7. Reopen IE and resume your CM/ECF activities.