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News from the Bankruptcy Clerk’s Office

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Friday, March 1, 2013

News from the Bankruptcy Clerk’s Office,

I have three items of information that may be of interest to you:


General Order 13-GO-01 orders a new and simplified way to redact and ‘replace’ filed documents that show personal data identifiers as described in Fed. R. Bank. P. 9037(a).  The new event in the ECF System will be available March 1, 2013 and is called “Notice of Redaction”.  The event can be found under Bankruptcy/Notices in the ECF System.  Basically, the new text event will allow the user to file a new, redacted version of the document that he would like replaced, without having to file a Motion with the court.  All that is needed is the redacted document.  Other than the redacted personal data identifiers, the redacted version should be an exact copy of the original document (complete pleading or claim with all attachments).  When the “Notice of Redaction” is filed, it will not be visible to outside users so no one will see what you are trying to do until it is done.  When the Deputy Clerks see this event on their reports, they will restrict access to the original unredacted document, make the Notice visible to all, and relate the two docket entries.  Filing parties will be fully responsible for ensuring the documents they file are correct and complete.  The Deputy Clerks will not be verifying documents or redactions.  Please read the General Order for details.

New Transfer of Claim Fee

On May 1, 2013, Bankruptcy Courts will start collecting the $25 fee required for each claim transfer.  This has two effects (at least). First, there will be a charge associated with each transfer of claim filed.  That is kind of obvious.  Second, those registered in the ECF System as Limited Users will no longer be able to file transfers of claims electronically due to limitations in our process.  Limited Users will not be allowed to file any document that requires a fee in the foreseeable future.

Attorney Training/Certification

Attorney training videos will replace the in-person ECF training that used to take place in the Clerk’s Office.  The first eleven of about fifteen computer based training modules (CBT’s) have already been posted.  The rest of the CBT’s will be posted as they are completed and should all be available by early March.  The CBT’s are available on the “For Attorneys” tab on our internet page, “Training Resources” subpage, and “Attorney Training Videos” link.  The actual link is  

Attorneys wanting to be registered in our ECF System must complete a Form A registration form and take appropriate training in another Court or complete our CBT's.  Instructions will be posted when the videos have been completed those wanting to register may start completing the CBT's at any time.  


As always, we are interested in what we can do to make the ECF System better for you and the experience with the Bankruptcy Court better for everyone.  If you have any questions or comments, please send them to or call 918-699-4072.


Michael L. Williams, Clerk
Unites States Bankruptcy Court
Northern District of Oklahoma