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ADA Accommodations

Boulder Federal Building

  • The Southeast exit is handicap accessible for entry. There is an intercom system to request the doors be used for handicap entrance.
  • Bathrooms - All public restrooms are ADA compliant.
  • All smoke detectors/fire alarms have strobe lights for the deaf.
  • All elevators are equipped with Braille signage and emergency call buttons.


  • All courtrooms are wheelchair accessible.
  • Hearing Impaired.  If you are a debtor (the person who filed bankruptcy), a creditor (a person owed money from the debtor) or other interested party to the bankruptcy case and you are deaf, hearing impaired or have other communication disabilities, a sign language interpreter or assistive listening device will be provided by the Bankruptcy Court for the hearing, without charge.
    • Sign language interpreters - To request a sign language interpreter for a hearing or trial set before the bankruptcy judge, contact the Courtroom Deputy, no later than five business days prior to the scheduled hearing.  For Judge Michael's Courtroom - Adam Bode, 918-699-4068 and for Judge Rasure's Courtroom - Brenda Nickels, 918-699-4085.
    • Assistive listening device - Courtrooms are equipped with infrared emitters and receivers for individuals who are hard of hearing or have hearing aids that are compatible with induction loop. Please give advance notice to the Courtroom Deputy if you need this service. For Judge Michael's Courtroom - Adam Bode, 918-699-4068; for Judge Rasure's Courtroom - Brenda Nickels, 918-699-4085; or call the Clerk's Office at 918-699-4000 or email