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Judgments that are available electronically will be available through the CM/ECF/PACER System. Log in using your PACER login and password; go to Reports\Miscellaneous\Judgment Index; complete the report criteria and generate the report.  The standard PACER fees apply to the Judgment Index report.  You may also view this report for free at the Clerk’s Office.

Due to new privacy procedures, some documents filed electronically will not be available online.  When a user tries to access a document that is not available online, the System will display the message, “The document has been restricted.  If this document is not redacted or sealed it may be viewed in the Clerk’s Office...”  Restricted documents will be available for viewing and printing at the Clerk’s Office or may be purchased in paper form.  For instructions on purchasing a restricted document by mail, please call 918-699-4072.

Judgments from years prior to document imaging - about 1998 - will be available in the printed Judgment Books in the Clerk’s Office at 224 S. Boulder Ave, Suite 105, Tulsa, OK 74103.