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Guidelines for Use of the Digital Evidence Presentation System in Judge Rasure's Courtroom

  1. The DEP.  The Digital Evidence Presentation System (“DEP”) allows parties to present evidence in several forms:
    • Paper documents may be displayed on the system using a document camera
    • Documents which have been stored electronically may be presented by connecting a laptop computer with the DEP; and/or
    • VHS tapes may be played on the system.

In each instance, the parties must provide the Courtroom Deputy with an original and one copy of the exhibits (other than VCR tapes) in paper form.  The paper copy of the exhibits will serve as the original in the event of an appeal.

  1. Use of the DEP.  Attorneys are required to use the DEP to present evidence to the Court unless the Court orders otherwise.  All requests to present evidence without using the DEP shall be in writing, shall be filed at least three days prior to the date set for the hearing and shall state the cause for such request.
  2. Training.   Training will be made available on an appointment basis if you have a matter to be tried before Judge Rasure and have not yet completed the training.  To request training, please contact the Courtroom Deputy at 918-699-4085.

3100 (10/07)