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Notice Regarding Hearings Before Judge Michael

Friday, March 13, 2020

              In wake of the concerns regarding COVID-19, Judge Michael has determined that all hearings before him shall be held telephonically until further notice.  When multiple hearings are set at the same time, the docket will be held through a call-in procedure similar to that used by Judge Rasure.  All hearings scheduled shall be called in the order they appear on the docket.  Court staff is reviewing the matters presently scheduled to determine whether to require presentation of evidence.  In cases where it appears possible the parties wish to present evidence, Judge Michael’s Courtroom Deputy will contact the parties involved to determine a future course of action.  With respect to the matters presently set for hearing, the Court will issue a supplemental order containing the appropriate dial-in instructions.

              Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  Any questions regarding this procedure should be directed to Adam Bode, Courtroom Deputy, at 918-699-4068 or