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Creditor Matrix

Submitting a list of creditors for a new bankruptcy case

When possible, Creditors should be uploaded to the Clerk's Office before the case is opened.  This can be done from any computer on the internet whether from your home, the library, or in the Clerk’s Office.  When you bring your petition to the Clerk’s Office, you will be able to let the person at the counter know that you have submitted your creditor list.  That employee will load your creditors into your case once it is open.


On the Initial Screen – under the heading “Debtor Information”:

  1. Enter Debtor's first and last name and contact phone number, including area code.
  2. In the Creditor 1 Section:
  3. Enter name and address of first creditor.
  4. Click "Add Creditor".
  5. Continue adding additional creditors, one at a time and one for each page and then click "Add Creditor" after each entry.
  6. When the final creditor has been entered, click "Submit Matrix”.

Note:  Be sure to include all of your creditors, as there will be an additional fee due for creditors added after the case has been opened (late creditors).

           It will be the responsibility of the Debtor to notify any late creditors of the 341 Meeting.

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