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Electronic Installment Payment

July 2012

The steps below will guide you through making an electronic installment payment in CM/ECF.

  1. Log into CM/ECF and select Bankruptcy > Miscellaneous/Other.
  2. Enter the case number.
  3. Verify the case number and debtors’ name(s).  From the list of available events click on the appropriate title to select it:
    • Installment Payment to be paid by attorney (Chapter 11)
    • Installment Payment to be paid by attorney (Chapter 13)
    • Installment Payment to be paid by attorney (Chapter 7)
  4. Select the Party screen:
    • Select the debtor(s).
  5. Fee: $ screen:
    • Enter the amount of the fee you are paying with this installment.
  6. Refer to the “Order Granting Application To Pay Filing Fees In Installments”.
  7. Docket Text: Final Text screen:
    • Verify the text is correct prior to clicking the next button.
  8. A dialog box “Summary of current charges” appears.
    • Click the Pay Now button to proceed with the Electronic Payment.
    • Click the Continue Filing button to make the payment after other documents have been filed.