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Pro Hac Vice

  • Attorney Permission to Appear - See LR 9010-1(B)
    Permission to Appear Pro Hac Vice. An attorney who has been admitted to practice and remains in good standing before any other court of the United States, or before the highest court of any other State, and who is familiar with these Local Rules may practice before this Court by permission of and on such conditions as may be set by the Court. Permission to practice before the Court may be requested by filing a written motion in the main bankruptcy case (or by making an oral request during any proceeding before the Court, followed by a written motion) and paying the appropriate admission fee to the Clerk of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma, 333 W. Fourth Street, Room 411, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103. An attorney so admitted shall file pleadings and documents electronically with the Court in compliance with these Local Rules and the ECF Administrative Guide. Admission in a particular bankruptcy case shall also serve as admission in any and all adversary proceedings filed in the bankruptcy case.
  • USDC's Fees